My Dream RV

Caravan HQ is proud to be the My Dream RV Australian dealer.

We love the quality of our My Dream RV caravans, and there is a growing range of models, with something to suit everyones needs.

Our My Dream RV range will be recognisable by it’s unique design. My Dream RV benefit from over 60 years experience in the Australian RV industry, coupled with a global mining business that operates in 14 countries around the world. The clever and unique design of the My Dream RV is a result of Australian and international designers collaborating to produce something truly unique, that will be recognisable even without seeing the brand name.

Running manufacturing in many world markets, My Dream RV have the unique advantage of bringing the best processes and efficiencies to their Australian Caravan Manufacturing, as well as significant advantages in Technology and supply chains.
The My Dream RV team are a well drilled team of manufacturing experts, with the agility to adapt to a changing manufacturing industry. Their vision is not to compete, but to lead the industry. They are a brand for tomorrow, led by a team of highly qualified engineers at the top level, and an experienced factory floor crew who have worked for some of Australia’s leading brands.

To find out more about the many models My Dream RV build, visit their website


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