• Need Brand New Van?

    Caravan HQ have a good range of caravans to suit almost every need. We work with some of Australia's best caravan manufacturers, who take great pride in their product. If you are looking at purchasing a new caravan, it would be well worthwhile having a chat to one of our friendly and passionate team members about which of makes and models will best suit your needs.

  • Do you take trade ins?

    We prefer not too. The reason is that selling your current caravan privately will give you a better return. In todays market, used caravans are selling quickly, we can certainly help give you advice on how to sell your current caravan.

  • Who is Caravan HQ?

    Caravan HQ is a family business that began in 2016. We love the caravan lifestyle and industry, and enjoy sharing our passion with others.

    We specialise in luxury Australian made products of Royal Flair Caravans, On The Move Caravans, Van Cruiser Caravans, and Network RV Caravans. We are a team of passionate caravaners who specialise in providing unparalleled service to those who entrust us to supply their dream caravan.

  • Why buy from us?

    Caravan HQ is a family business, run by avid caravanners who love the lifestyle. Our people share this passion. When you buy from Caravan HQ, your overall experience as a customer is something we strive to make memorable for all the right reasons. We will do everything we can to help make this part of the adventure a great beginning.

    We like to consider our customers as part of the Caravan HQ family.

  • Do you service and repair caravans?

    Caravan HQ has opened a dedicated state of the art workshop for this very purpose.

    We offer a range of service levels, to cover first service, regular yearly/10k servicing, and a premium service. We do all caravan repairs, and our highly trained technicians have seen and repaired all sorts of damage.