Highline Caravans

Caravan HQ is proud to be the Highline Caravans Queensland dealer.

We love the quality of our Highline caravans, and there is a tremendous range of models, with something to suit everyones needs.

Our Highline Caravan range also allows you to select whether you want a timber or aluminium frame. We all have our preferences, and Highline can use whichever one suits you best.

In April 2013, Highline’s founders began their own road trip. With years of experience in the caravan manufacturing industry they decided to venture out and put their take on custom designed and quality built caravans. Their passion for innovative design and building with high functionality enticed them to the challenge. Owned and operated by highly experienced staff, we pride ourselves on taking the time to collaborate with clients in order to create custom tailored floorplans and personalised versions of our most popular models to suit your touring lifestyle.

To find out more about the many models Highline build, visit their website https://www.highlinecaravans.com.au/.


Highline Caravans