At Caravan HQ we offer expert caravan wheel alignment.

Caravan HQ are experts in Caravan Wheel Alignment.

Our fully equipped workshop includes all the required gear for performing wheel alignments on your caravan or camper trailer. Our expert technicians have performed many wheel alignments on all makes of caravans, as well as many camper trailers, and even the occasional Horse Float.

Caravans and Camper Trailers come in many different shapes and sizes for a multitude of uses.  There are many differnt types of suspension used by Caravan manufacturers here in Australia.  When it comes to wheel alignment as part of your maintenance schedule, Caravans and Campers are often forgotten about, unlike your tow vehicle. Before heading of on a long adventure, it is always wise to have your caravan wheel alignment checked.

in Todays caravans and campers, a majority are built with independent off-road suspension systems.  These suspension systems are great for allowing you to travel to many places you wouldn’t be able to in a sealed road touring van, but they are also suspect to major mis-alignment, caused by all the bumpy tracks they travel on.

Not only does this mis-alignment cause heavy tyre scrub and premature wear, but the extra rolling resistance added by the mis-alignment can result in the tow vehicle having significantly higher fuel consumption.

Caravan HQ offer caravan wheel alignment as a stand alone service, but it is also included in our premium service package, so if you are about to head off on long adventure across our amazing country, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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