Royal Flair DESIGNER 19’6 2022

We get it. You want unparalleled luxury coupled with the freedom and independence that a state-of-the-art caravan brings. Well guess what? We answered. Introducing the all new Royal Flair Designer Series.

With bespoke design and hand-made components, the Designer Series is our most luxurious vehicle to date. And while it will make your head turn twice, the Designer Series is so much more than just a caravan.

It’s often been said that life is defined by certain moments that you experience. With the introduction of the all new Royal Flair Designer Series, we present you with the key to unlocking life’s most magical moments. From wild, outdoor terrain to winding coastal beaches, the Designer series will take you where you want, when you want, in a style unlike anything else that you have seen before.

Boasting an unrivaled mix of quality and ‘soft luxe’ interior design principles, the Design Series has proven extremely popular with the discerning clientele. Beautifully appointed with all the mod cons including an ATRV K3600 air conditioner, 160 Watt solar controllers, a top spec entertainment unit and bathroom and kitchen fittings more commonly associated with boutique apartments, we have little doubt that you’ll be turning a few heads when you pull up before inviting the neighbors in for a cuppa.

Engineering and designed using premium quality plating and stone guards in all the vulnerable places, this versatile and well-equipped caravan is the latest in our range that promises expansive style options and superior road handling dynamics.

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