At Caravan HQ we offer a comprehensive range of services for your caravan.

Caravan HQ are experts in all things Caravan Service and repair, as well as carrying the equipment required for caravan weighing.

Knowing your caravans weights is not always easy. You can find important weights like your tare, ATM and ball loading on your caravans compliance plates, but how much does your caravan weigh after you have loaded up your gear? What effect has the load had on your ball weight? Caravan HQ can help you with those answers.

Staying within your ATM is a legal requirement, and people are often surprised how easy it is to go over that weight limit. Our team can weigh your caravan and give you an accurate weight so you can head off on your travels without a worry about your legal weight.


Your tow ball weight, which is the down force your caravan will place on your tow ball, has a significant effect on how your caravan tows. Your tow ball weight can be effected by the way you pack your van. We can give you an accurate reading on what your tow ball weight is with your caravan loaded.

Too much weight on the tow ball will try to lift the front of your vehicle, which can make it difficult to steer. Too little wight on your tow ball can lead to sway. Knowing your weights can help you better distribute the weight added to your caravan when packing for your trip.

Our team are happy to have a discussion about how best to distribute the weight when you pack your caravan, ensuring you have a safe and stable caravan for towing on your next adventure.

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