Caravan HQ are Caravan upgrade specialists.

Caravan HQ are experts in all caravan upgrades. We have performed nearly every upgrade imaginable for our customers in the past.

Upgrading your caravan to meet your needs is often more affordable than going out and buying a new caravan. Our expert tradesmen at Caravan HQ can upgrade your caravan so that it better suits your needs.

Some of the more common upgrades are Solar system upgrades, battery system upgrades, adding a grey water tank and even updating your decals. There are of course many more upgrades available.

Solar system upgrades for caravans and RVs are becoming very popular. With more and more caravanners wanting to get off grid, the need for more power is important. For some it is adding an extra solar panel. For others it is upgrading inverters or regulators. Speak to our expert team about your power requirements and we can guide you through the best options to give you the power you need through your solar system.


Often combined with solar is the battery system. Solar energy is used to keep your battery charged. If you don’t have an adequate battery system, all the solar power available wont meet your needs. Many caravans come with one battery, though more and more are now including a second battery. Having just one will always prove difficult for free camping. Common upgrades include adding a second battery, or changing over to lithium batteries, which have the added benefit of being lighter, among several other benefits.

Lithium batteries are in fact about 1/3 the weight of the equivalent AGM battery. They charge faster and last longer as well. Another advantage of Lithium batteries over AGM is they have the ability to be discharges as low as 20% of their amp/hour capacity, compared with 70% for AGM.

Upgrading your solar at the same time as your battery system upgrade is often the best combination for providing the power you need to spend extended time off grid.

These are just a couple of examples of the many upgrades we can do for you at Caravan HQ. You are welcome to call and speak to one of our expert team about any caravan upgrades you might be considering, and whether they will adequately meet your needs.

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