Caravan HQ are experts in Caravan Solar Upgrades.

The team at Caravan HQ are experts in caravan solar upgrades. We have done, and can do it all, from adding solar panels to your roof, adding a new inverter, or an entire new system.

Most of todays caravans come standard with some solar installed. For most, it isn’t enough to truly allow them to get off grid for any extended period of time. If you are keen to go and explore those hard to reach places, where access to power supply is limited, if any, then talk to our team about how we can help with a set up that will allow you the freedom you need.

Solar panels today are improving rapidly. It wasn’t that long ago people were excited about a 120 watt panel, that seems so old fashioned already. We are often upgrading panels on caravans that are only a few years old.

Of course, the panel isn’t all that is required. We can guide you through system options that can help make a big difference to your power capabilities.

Your batteries are also an important consideration. Harnessing the power of the sun is one thing, but where that power ends up is also vital.


You’ll find our expert team can answer all your questions and help you get the right set up for your needs.

Get in touch today for any questions you have about caravan solar upgrades.


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