Caravan HQ are experts in Caravan renovations.

Caravan HQ are experts in caravan renovations. Our team of trained technicians can help renovate your old caravan.

We find so many people who purchase an old caravan to renovate, only to find that they struggle with the time to dedicate to the project. Let the team at Caravan HQ come to the rescue. Caravan HQ have a fully equipped workshop, so we have all the tools necessary to get your renovation finished.

There are also plenty of people who have the grand idea for their caravan renovation, but don’t have the tools or the skills to do it themselves. On top of our regular repairs and servicing, our technicians undertake custom modifications and restoration work, tailored to your exact requirements.


Our team have plenty of experience in fitting appliances like fridges, toilets, showers and furniture. If your van has seen better days, or you purchased an older van, speak to our team about how we can help you with your renovation plans. Even if it is just adding a few modern conveniences, or redoing your kitchen, our team can help.

Speak to Caravan HQ about your caravan renovations, our team are only too happy to discuss how we might be able to help.


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