Caravan HQ are experts in Caravan battery upgrades.

Caravan HQ are very experienced in caravan battery upgrades.

It is common now for caravanners to look at upgrade power systems, including batteries. Most caravans today are starting to come out with more than one battery, but even two AGM batteries might not be enough for everybody’s needs.

We are regularly doing upgrades to lithium batteries, which are much more efficient than the old gel batteries.

More so than ever before, we are finding that many people are looking at going off grid with their caravan, especially with the explosion in off road caravan sales. Determining how much power you will need to stay off grid for any amount of time can be a difficult task. Our expert team are happy to talk about what will best suit your needs to for your next adventure.


Whether you are looking to add batteries, change to Lithium, or upgrade your power system, get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your Caravan battery upgrade needs.

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