We get a lot of people looking for a used Jayco Expanda

when they start to look at used caravans for sale in Brisbane. If you are starting your search for a used Jayco Expanda or any make or model of used caravans, click here and see what we currently have in stock. If you like what you see you can call in and have a look in person, we are located at 10 Old Pacific Hwy Yatala.

With their light weight and minimal towing size, the used Jayco Expanda is a sought after option when it comes to used caravans for sale in Brisbane. They are easy to tow, and in the very popular off road Outback option, a very nimble off road performer.

There are not too many other used Jayco caravans that are as sought after as a used Jayco Expanda for sale in Brisbane. People love the fact that you can have the convenience of a caravan and the versatility of a camper trailer. There is no other used caravan for sale in Brisbane that can offer sleeping room for up to 7 or 8, on an easy to tow single axle with a Tare of less than 1000 Kgs.

When searching for a used Jayco Expanda for sale in Brisbane, keep in mind to check the usual things you would check when looking at any other used caravan, along with checking the integrity of the vinyl, canvas, screens, zips, hinges and windows on your Jayco Expanda.

If you have scoured through all the used Jayco Expandas for sale in Brisbane and found the Expanda you think is right for you, contact us and have a pre purchase inspection carried out and make sure you are getting what you are expecting!