There are a lot of choices when it comes to used caravans for sale in Brisbane

we have what we feel is a great range of used caravans for sale, click here to view them. 

With so many people enjoying the lifestyle that caravanning offers comes lots of people who have up graded to caravans that more suit their holiday pursuits, so the choice of used caravans for sale in Brisbane is huge.

However, not all used caravans for sale in Brisbane are as good as they first appear, there can be many reasons why someone is offering their caravan for sale. We suggest if you are looking at used caravans for sale in Brisbane that you thoroughly inspect it and if your gut feeling tells you that a used caravan is too good to be true, then walk away, don’t get caught with an expensive white elephant.

At CaravanHQ we are able to hand pick our used caravans that we offer for sale, and by doing this we can be confident that we are offering only the best used caravans for sale in Brisbane. We have a full time on site caravan technician that not only services caravans in Brisbane and repairs caravans in Brisbane, he also inspect each of our used caravans before we offer them for sale.