On the Move Caravans for sale Brisbane

On The Move Caravans are an innovative caravan builder based in Melbourne who specialize in Off Road caravans, and we are proud to offer them for sale in Brisbane. To see our range of On The Move caravans for sale, click here. To see the entire range of On The Move Caravans click here.

As part of the range of On The Move Caravans for sale Brisbane is the Prado friendly Vortex Bullet, a true off road caravan that is just 2 meters wide and constructed with a CNC cut finger joint frame, aluminium composite wall and a honeycomb composite floor. The low ATM is achieved by specially manufactured light weight cabinetry that is cut and assembled on site at On The Move Caravans factory in Melbourne.

The most popular On The Move Caravans for sale Brisbane is the 17’6 TRAXX. It is a single axle off road caravan, which has full independent Al-Ko coil suspension, Aluminium composite wall, multiple solar, multiple batteries, DO 35 Off Road hitch, a Waeco compressor fridge, ensuite, washing machine and the list goes on.

A few other sought after On The Move Caravans for sale Brisbane are the 3 Best Aussie Van winners, as voted by Caravan World Magazine. The Grenade, Vortex and TRAXX Anniversary. It is a big call for a manufacturer to pick up 3 Best Aussie Van Awards, especially in such a short period of time. Check out the reviews below.

Grenade Series II TRAXX Vortex

On The Move Caravans for sale in Brisbane are hard to come by on the used market, this is mainly because people who own them are hesitant to sell them, and if they do want to sell or trade their On The Move Caravan, chances are a friend or relative will snap it up.